Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday at the Mall

Today we will go upstairs and have our Monday in the Mezzanine
at Antique Company Mall.   Make sure you always make a trip upstairs when you are shopping ACM.  Always great deals up there!

Have you heard about Butch's fans?  What a great collection he has up there.  See the pink one? Watch your fingers!

Lilly Lane has a knack for fluffin' her booth.  It always looks great.
Melanie's booth is ready for Happy Candy Day!  She has added lots of handmade items... I loved this "Wicked" piece... Cute!

Pepper's upstairs spot is filled with great stuff.  I noticed this sled.... Perfect for a front porch decoration this winter.

Carolyn and Kent have a big area upstairs where they have lots of vintage magazines and newspapers.  You never know what you are gonna find up there.

More from Carolyn and Kent.....  This summer I stumbled across a lobster trap up here.  My nautical themed playroom couldn't live with out it!  It is perched on top of a wardrobe now and it is quite the conversation starter. 

See what I mean when I say that you have to make time to climb the stairs? 
There is sure to be a treasure waiting for you too!
Happy Monday at the Mall

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