Saturday, September 1, 2012

Show and Tell

When I went home to the farm last month, we spread out in the dining room, made sure all of our little people were busy, and Mom and I got busy too!  Despite 100+ degrees outside, we made fall happen.... Mom even surprised me and brewed a pot of pumpkin spice coffee for my afternoon treat.  We love fall!  (Notice that even paper doll Ariel got to join in on the projects)

So here is a little "Show and Tell" for you all:
new fall banners... "happy candy day", "harvest blessings", and "Boo to You"
Chalkboard silver casserole dishes..... perfect place to display your menu or maybe your grocery list?
(We've sold quite a few of these already)

Mom and I had a blast making these cuties... burlap pumpkins!
These are our favorites!  Burlap banners.  LOVE THEM!

One of Mrs. 58's masterpieces!  A real "treat"!

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