Thursday, January 10, 2013

58 Wagons

We heart wagons!!!..... Doesn't everyone love a little wagon?  And at Valentine's time that pop of red is perfect - isn't it?

Our "farm wagon" can carry grandkids around the farm... and it can carry a ton of junk on our buying trips!

Mom has my grandfather's childhood wagon in her house.  At Christmas it holds gifts.  The rest of the year it has a beautiful flower arrangement in it.

We have sold a lot of wagons in Booth 58. (not 58 - but a lot)   Recently put one in our new booth .... it sold the same day we put it in!  Mom and Dad put it in one afternoon, and I never even got to see how it looked.  I went up to ACM today to fluff a bit... and added another wagon.  This time we arranged silver and antlers in the wagon.... Isn't that what you would put in a wagon?

Found a couple of other ideas from Piniterest today....
this wagon shelf is super cool!
perfect drink station for a party

What else can you do with a wagon?

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