Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday at the Mall

Good Morning Blog Friends....

I just sent Big Brother to school in a t-shirt... double checked the weather and decided he wouldn't even need a sweatshirt for reccess.  Gotta love these Texas winters!  On Saturday we all bundled up with coats and mittens.  Yesterday we rode bikes in flip flops... Who knows what tomorrow holds! 

I do know one thing is consistent... Great Stuff at Antique Company Mall!  It just keeps getting better and better.  Last week, we saw lots more shuffling around.  This Monday at the Mall, I will highlight Melanie's new downstairs booth - "Lost and Found."  She has done a great job setting up her space!
Melanie is now located at the bottom of the stairs (very close to our old Booth 58)

She has a great collection of unique finds.... I loved this stack of film reels

Lots of pops of vintage color!
Right now, this wonderful table is centered in the booth... I say "right now" because I don't think it will last long... Just like Texas weather.... Don't count on it staying for long! 

Get yourself up to ACM soon.... Things are changing everyday... You don't want to miss out!

Keep checking my blog for more about our vendors... Soon we will explore Adorable Finds new space!

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Valerie's Blog said...

I so enjoyed our visit. The whole Mall was an inspiration to my creativity. Nest wishes for your booth space. COPPER ROOSTER is crowimg about your booth space.

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