Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday at the Mall

Happy Monday from Antique Company Mall!

Busy Busy Busy weekend at ACM!  It is fun (and exhausting!) to have our work day to be a busy one.... it is great to visit with customers and see what treasures are being scooped up.  I love to hear what plans people have for their purchases.  One couple showed me how they were going to hang three vintage mirrors together in their guest bath.... Another friend told us how she used some of our keys to create a Valentine vignette..... And we got to hear about lots of plans for Annie Sloan Chalkpaint (more on that later this week!)

Today I will highlight a new booth downstairs.  Shannon moved in at the end of last week and has already had a great start.

She moved her super cool booth from upstairs to the space directly under the stairs on the east side of the building.  She has done an awesome job... and she really has "the touch!" 
Mom and I scouted out her booth a few months ago upstairs and wondered who it belonged to... Then we got to meet Shannon and see her work her magic in this new spot.  She has made it her own - with a unique shabby industrial look.  Lots of the handmade/repurposed furniture pieces are done by Shannon.... She is one busy lady!  Come in and see for yourself.

Lots of moving around in ACM going on....  Keep coming back to our blog to see more in the coming weeks!

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