Thursday, January 31, 2013

Small Smiles

"It's the little things in life that make life big" - Have you heard that quote... similar sayings?

We agree in Booth 58.  We love "smalls".....  We keep the booth stocked with smalls... lots of smalls

Here are a few smalls from our spot that make us smile today:

Mom used these silhouette tags on our Christmas packages this year... boys for the boys and girls for the girls....
Too cute!  perfect for Valentines

I might snag these sweet tea cups for a Heart Day tea party with Sister

lots of corners crowded with lots of smalls

Lots of little things to smile about.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday at the Mall

Good Morning Blog Friends....

I just sent Big Brother to school in a t-shirt... double checked the weather and decided he wouldn't even need a sweatshirt for reccess.  Gotta love these Texas winters!  On Saturday we all bundled up with coats and mittens.  Yesterday we rode bikes in flip flops... Who knows what tomorrow holds! 

I do know one thing is consistent... Great Stuff at Antique Company Mall!  It just keeps getting better and better.  Last week, we saw lots more shuffling around.  This Monday at the Mall, I will highlight Melanie's new downstairs booth - "Lost and Found."  She has done a great job setting up her space!
Melanie is now located at the bottom of the stairs (very close to our old Booth 58)

She has a great collection of unique finds.... I loved this stack of film reels

Lots of pops of vintage color!
Right now, this wonderful table is centered in the booth... I say "right now" because I don't think it will last long... Just like Texas weather.... Don't count on it staying for long! 

Get yourself up to ACM soon.... Things are changing everyday... You don't want to miss out!

Keep checking my blog for more about our vendors... Soon we will explore Adorable Finds new space!

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Last week Mom and Dad gave me the greatest gift... the gift of time and busy hands!  While Mom played trucks with Little Mr. 58, Dad and I got started on a project that has been on my to-do list for over a year.

I have been wanting to paint my grandmother's hutch for some time now.  It is really a nice piece of furniture, but the finish on it wasn't my favorite.  We have heard about Annie Sloan Chalkpaint for a long time, and we've always wanted to try it out.  We purchased the paint a while back... we read countless blogs with the "how tos"... and then as life has a tendency of getting craaazzy around here.... we were never able to carve out the time to get it done!  It seems like my days quickly vanish with all of our junkin' and fluffin' for Booth 58.... on top of all my cookin', cleanin', and carpoolin'!  On a whim, we decided that we would get this done tomorrow! 

Friends - we have seen the light!  We get it now.....This Chalkpaint is really amazing stuff!  Virtually no prepping or priming... just painting.  It goes on beautifully and our favorite part was how well it works when you distress it.  We had that whole hutch painted, distressed, and waxed in 3 hours!  It killed me to have to wait 24 hours to do the second coat of wax and then to put my treasures on it.  But I was a good girl and it was worth the wait!

On Saturday, we watched as customer after customer came into ACM to buy their own Chalkpaint from Karla's new LadyButterbug booth.  This stuff is popular.  I talked to several of them and heard about their plans ... painting a daughter's bedroom furniture.... redoing kitchen cabinets.... and lots of "I don't know yet, but I have heard a lot about this paint!"

Even Mr. 58 headed back up to ACM to buy more for some of his projects this week.  Karla has examples of all the colors and waxes too.  We used the Paris Grey with clear and dark waxes.  I want to try them all now! 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday at the Mall

Happy Monday from Antique Company Mall!

Busy Busy Busy weekend at ACM!  It is fun (and exhausting!) to have our work day to be a busy one.... it is great to visit with customers and see what treasures are being scooped up.  I love to hear what plans people have for their purchases.  One couple showed me how they were going to hang three vintage mirrors together in their guest bath.... Another friend told us how she used some of our keys to create a Valentine vignette..... And we got to hear about lots of plans for Annie Sloan Chalkpaint (more on that later this week!)

Today I will highlight a new booth downstairs.  Shannon moved in at the end of last week and has already had a great start.

She moved her super cool booth from upstairs to the space directly under the stairs on the east side of the building.  She has done an awesome job... and she really has "the touch!" 
Mom and I scouted out her booth a few months ago upstairs and wondered who it belonged to... Then we got to meet Shannon and see her work her magic in this new spot.  She has made it her own - with a unique shabby industrial look.  Lots of the handmade/repurposed furniture pieces are done by Shannon.... She is one busy lady!  Come in and see for yourself.

Lots of moving around in ACM going on....  Keep coming back to our blog to see more in the coming weeks!

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Whenever Mom (Mrs. 58) emails me the subject line is always "Today" - She fills me in on what is going on at the farm with her and Dad... and whatever adventure they went on "today."  So, here's what's going on "today" in 58 Style:

We are working at the Mall today...Come by and say hi.... Come in and see all the fun that is going on at ACM.... lots of changes.... lots of new looks.... lots of great ideas for your homes.

this vintage stadium seat is one of our faves right now....
it would be cooler if it were seat "58!" but then we couldn't sell it!
We have been adding bits and pieces to Booth 58. 
Mom and I created a little "handmade" corner yesterday... a spot to display all of our banners and tags

Today there is a new "wall" that Mr. 58 constructed last night. 

Today there are also lots of new treasures that were "picked" fresh... yesterday... just for you!  Come see!

Today  is the perfect day for venturing up to Downtown McKinney and enjoying the Square.  Don't forget to journey down Virginia to come by and say hi.  We are open until 5:30.

Enjoy Today!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday at the Mall

Lots of fun new things happening up at ACM recently.  Make a date to come up to Downtown McKinney to see for yourself.

Ella Elaine has moved her booth - She is our neighbor now!  Fun to share a wall with Nancy and all her wonderful goodies.  She has already had a full year with big news in several forms. 

First, as one of the new owners of ACM, she and her husband John, have a longer to-do list these days! 

Secondly,  Nancy recently announced her new Ella Elaine product line from IMAX Worldwide Home. The   vintage inspired line will be introduced this month at Atlanta and Dallas Wholesale Home and Gift Markets.  We are so proud of her!  

Thursday, January 10, 2013

58 Wagons

We heart wagons!!!..... Doesn't everyone love a little wagon?  And at Valentine's time that pop of red is perfect - isn't it?

Our "farm wagon" can carry grandkids around the farm... and it can carry a ton of junk on our buying trips!

Mom has my grandfather's childhood wagon in her house.  At Christmas it holds gifts.  The rest of the year it has a beautiful flower arrangement in it.

We have sold a lot of wagons in Booth 58. (not 58 - but a lot)   Recently put one in our new booth .... it sold the same day we put it in!  Mom and Dad put it in one afternoon, and I never even got to see how it looked.  I went up to ACM today to fluff a bit... and added another wagon.  This time we arranged silver and antlers in the wagon.... Isn't that what you would put in a wagon?

Found a couple of other ideas from Piniterest today....
this wagon shelf is super cool!
perfect drink station for a party

What else can you do with a wagon?

Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday at the Mall 2013

Happy Monday at the Mall!

Every Monday, I try to highlight something happening at the mall....
The Antique Company Mall in McKinney, Texas....

This Monday I will show you a few shots of our new space. 
We are loving our high ceiling! 
We have our mantle still... and we also created a little corner with our handmade goodies and banners.
Still have lots of chalkboards... and now more room for Mr. 58's furniture re-do projects!
It is full force Heart Day now in the booth.  Are you ready for Cupid yet?

Keep coming back to see more Mondays at the Mall.  Lots of vendors are playing the "new booth shuffle" in the coming weeks... So you have to come back to see what they are all up too.

Friday, January 4, 2013

New News This Year

Happy New Year from Booth 58!

Lots of new things happening already this New Year:

Antique Company Mall has new owners... a new website, blog, and FaceBook page.

Me working on something "new"
And our biggest and newest newsBooth 58's new location!

For two days we have been busy moving to our new booth.  Mr. 58's power tools are tired.  We still have a few finishing touches to make and pictures to take.  But shopping is encouraged!
Mr. 58 rebuilding our faithful green shutters!

We are located on the left side of the mall .... Look for our Booth 58 picket fence... it makes it officially "home!".

Come in soon to see all things NEW!
 Think of all the fun we have waiting for us in 2013!

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