Monday, December 1, 2014

Real People Buy Our Stuff - Part 2

A couple years ago, I talked about how tickled mom and I were when we saw some B58 goodies on the McKinney Home Tour... bought by real people... displayed in their real homes!  Had to pinch ourselves!

At a recent, preschool play date, I had another encounter with some real Booth 58 shoppers.  Little Brother and I enjoyed a fun morning with some new friends.  During some "getting to know each other Mommy Talk", my Booth 58 life came up.  One of the moms I met that morning, told me she had purchased one of our large buffets this fall.  She shared that it is now in her real living room.... with her real t.v. sitting on top of it.  What a small world!
 Sometimes, Mom and I still feel like we are just "playing store."  It is always a treat to meet you Real Booth 58 Shoppers! 

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