Thursday, April 9, 2015

5 Years Ago...

5 years ago today, Booth 58 opened our "doors" for the first time.
5 years ago today, on a whim, we jumped into a world we knew almost nothing about.
When Mom and I dreamed this crazy "Booth 58" idea up, Dad encouraged our hair-brained scheme and jumped right in to help iron out business logistics.   We signed our lease and agreed to try it out ... "If it isn't our cup of tea, we can let our lease go in 6 months... We can do anything for 6 months!"  Well, needless to say, 6 months came and went... and here we are, half a decade later.... And, yes, this is our cup of tea!

When we began the business, I was pregnant with my third child.  I thought, "I've done this mommy thing twice big deal... sure, I can start a business now. Piece of cake."  The addition of Little Mr. 58, to our family brought many new medical challenges that changed our live significantly... on a daily basis.... not so much the "piece of cake" we were expecting. But in the midst of getting used to all the new hard spots in life, Booth 58 continued to be a happy spot... and it still does today.   We thought it was all "on a whim", but God had a bigger plan all along.

Booth 58 has brought many blessings... new friends, new adventures, new stuff...But, hands down, my favorite part of our business is doing it alongside two of my favorite mom and dad.  Lots of time driving, shopping, loading, unloading, creating, painting,  pricing, fluffin', and planning. Lots of time to laugh together and be thankful together. 

Thankful for you, our faithful Booth 58 shoppers and readers. The past 5 years wouldn't have been nearly as much fun if we didn't have you buying our stuff! We hope Booth 58 is your happy spot too!

5 years ago today, we began new routines, new travels, and new friendships that are all now huge parts of our lives.
Happy 5 Years!

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