Friday, April 24, 2015

At Home with Booth 58 - Issue 3

Before There Was Container Store....
Boxes and Baskets and Bowls...
  Instead of heading to the nearest Container Store, use a one-of-a-kind container to house an everyday object.
Mom uses this beautiful old trunk as her coffee table. (and notice the basket/tray on top that holds a few little pretties).  Inside she stores her Christmas Santa Claus collection.
Don't we all have those things that end up lying around and creating clutter if they don't have a "place" they belong? 
Mom's awesome bread box holds all the grandkids' sippy cups.  No one would even know!  I keep my kids' school papers in my old bread box.
 Without a cabinet to hide anything in my powder room, I used this box to hold the tp. A few guests have noticed that the box is an old prune crate and laughed... get it?
Another example of everyday items in unexpected objects.... My kids take lots of medications throughout the day...and prescription bottles aren't fun to look at - right?  Each time I reach for another dose of meds, this little stack of blue and white bowls make me smile.

Hmmm... What could be in Mom's flour box?  Not flour!  How about paper napkins???

My sis-in-law is the queen of organizing and she is great about making sure everything has a place where it belongs.  Mom and I try to channel her organizing abilities... but we still need lots of her help.... I always try and think, "What would Whitney do with this?"
Do you see the electric cords coming out of this cute picnic basket?  Along with lots of pills, my two youngest also have lots of respiratory treatments they do each day.  After tripping over cords and looking at not-so-cute-machines, I decided to hide them when we aren't using them.  They still are easy to get to, but much prettier!

On my coffee table - Pretty bowl from my blue collection for the not pretty collection of remotes
And this box....on top of my plantation desk. It is an old fish box from Seattle.  It used to be in my nautical themed playroom but it was replaced with something cooler (for another post!) At first glance, it might seem to just be decorative, but it does hold everyday items... the things that Little Mr. 58 throws down from the upstairs catwalk... right now it has collected several nerf bullets, a handful of green army guys, and a mini batman.... 

 Who needs Container Store?  Use an old box, basket, or bowl!  We've always have lots to choose from in Booth 58. 
 * Disclaimer.... We have nothing against Container Store..... We love it as much as the next girl!  

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