Saturday, April 18, 2015

How Much is that Boy in the Window?

Had some help in the window last week....
 Little Mr. 58 is used to hanging out in the booth while we get a little fluffin done.  He has grown up in ACM.   Granddaddy (Mr. 58) is usually able to entertain him while Mom and I work, but last week, Dad needed to get some yard work done that couldn't include the little man...( I think a chain saw was involved.)
After settling in with a fresh pack of crayons and some enticing new coloring books, he was all set... and he was quite the surprise for window shoppers strolling down Virginia Street  - not expecting to see a little tyke quietly coloring among the vintage wares!
We moved out the egg shells and baskets and replaced them with sea shells and shovels.

Booth 58 Beach Trip 2015 is here!

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