Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Everyone Could Use One More Junk Drawer

Two of my sweet friends recently moved into new homes.  I wanted to give them something unique as housewarming gifts... Something that only their "Junkin' Sister" would come up with... more "junk!"

I found these sewing machine drawers recently....

Filled them with new kitchen towels

Tied them up with some cellaphane wrap and a pretty bow

Embellished them with a button tag

Scribbled out a "Happy Home" note

No matter how wonderful a new home is, everyone can always use one more JUNK DRAWER!

One of them is now being used as a note cadddy in the kitchen

It is always fun to repurpose some old "junk" and make it useful again.

Other ideas for a sewing drawer?  remote holder, recipe box, hand towels for the bath, or a magazine/book caddy.... Lots of ideas!  Can you think of any more?

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