Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday at the Mall

Our Neighbors
Here we go again with Monday at the Mall.  I'm still doing pretty good - 3 weeks is a good record - right?

Today, let's tour some of Booth 58's "neighbors" back in our cluttered corner of Antique Company Mall.

Cindy (we call her the "Plate Lady") is our neighbor.  She has the coolest selection of dishes... all kinds- along with other great accessories for the home.  Cute stuff!  At first glance you might think that her booth is a "no-no" for little shoppers. BUT her booth is Sister's favorite because she also has a great selection of Beanie Babies!  We always visit her animals.

Another Cindy calls our corner "home" too!  Cindy Gilstrap's cheerful booth  has a variety of vintage treasures.  We also love her handmade goodies.  I've purchased several for girlfriends.  She creates cool stuff... check out her Junque Art in her Etsy shop.. or come see them in person.

Eileen is new to the "neighborhood."  This summer she moved from one of the back rooms to our wall.  What a sweet lady with sweet finds!  Come see her well loved goods.  She has done a great job setting up her booth.

Barbara and Angela have a cool display of fashion options back in our corner too.  Barbara "resides" in the front right window of the mall also, and Angela has a great booth upstairs too.   They joined efforts and added one more booth with an awesome clothing and jewelry selection.  I always peruse through the frilly vintage style tops and dresses... and even bought one of Angela's handmade necklaces this summer.  I wear it all the time... and get lots of compliments!

Are you a fellow antique mall vendor?  What is going on at your mall on this Monday?  Leave a comment and let us know.  Happy Monday!

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