Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Rules - Part 2

Started filling you in on Dad's garage sale rules on my last post.  I will wrap them up today.
A backseat view of Mr. and Mrs. 58 early on Saturday morning.  She "navigates" well.

When many men were welcoming the opening of dove season this weekend, Mr. 58 was doing some hunting of his own.  So much fun to go junkin' with him... He has learned the ropes quite quickly over the last couple of years.  I remember hearing him say, "I just don't get it" while Mom and I scooped up cool finds and he just stood back carrying all of our treasures.  Now, we all split up, and he comes back with just as much loot as we do!  Way to go, Daddy... You are "getting it" now!

Rule #4 - Be quick and decisive
"If you touch it, it's yours."
Garage Salers are quick little folks... kind of like a flock of hungry buzzards... when they see something that looks good, someone's gonna swoop in and grab it.  If you see it and it is a possible jewel, GRAB IT!  Pick it up!  Don't stand there looking at it just thinkin' about it.. One of those buzzards is gonna grab it... CLAIM IT!
I had an old buzzard "circling" me at the flea market where I grabbed this.  I think he was waiting for me to put it down..No Way, Buddy!  He kept talking to me about it... asking me where I found it.  Dad, said it was funny to watch me grip the old rusty scale under my arm... ready to fight the old guy off!

Rule #5 - Always try to make a better deal
"It doesn't hurt to try."
I've learned alot about wheelin' and dealin' since Booth 58's birth.  It usually pays off to ask for  a better deal... and a few kind words with a pretty smile usually work to our advantage too.  Can't tell you how many times I've heard, "Oh you can have that, Honey."  Now, that's a better deal!

Rule #6 - This is a rule that I'm adding... Empty car seats are best!
They are much quieter filled with junkin' treasures than my other little treasures... my babies!  On Saturday, Hubby watched the 3 sweeties so that Mom and Dad and I could hunt.  We love our entorage, but some things are just done better without all that "help."

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