Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wie geht es Ihnen?

Wie geht's? (How are you?) 
Mrs. 58 will be proud of me for including some German here... She has a minor in German.  My brother and I both took German in high school... but unfortunately it didn't "stick" quite as well as it did with Mom.  Another bit of trivia - Mr. and Mrs. 58 met in German class in high school... Cute....right?

Spent a little bit of time at ACM this morning adding some new treasures. I took a few pictures of the Munich Antique Fair out front on East Virginia. Visited with some dealer friends.... Seems like Oktoberfest is going really well.

Carolyn and Kent have some of their goodies outside today.  They are set up next to Bill and Diane.  It is fun to see everyone's stuff spread out in the sunshine... rust and all!  Love it!  Today, I noticed Carolyn is selling old fry baskets.. She can sell anything!

Pepper has a tent on the side of the street.... in the shade this morning!  She has some great stuff.  We are always amazed at how much she fits into her booth inside.  Looks pretty in the daylight too.

Cindy from "Old Friends" in the mall has a tent up today.  Her daughter has included some incredible jewelry too... and Cindy has some beautiful fall clothes too.

 Lots to do and see.  Beth from On the Square has a great list of all the festivities and their locations. 

Some things that caught my eye:

Lousiana Street will have lots going on.  The petting zoo and weenie dog races will be a favorite of our gang. 

Local Yocal Farm to Market will have a Root Bier Garden and will be serving organic sausage and Bratwursts.  Sounds fun for the kids.

The Pantry Restaurant will have a special menu available with brats, sausages, German potato salad, sauerkraut cake and pie.  Now, that sounds interesting!!  Anyone want to meet for a piece of sauerkraut pie?  I might stick to the chocolate cream pie.. but I bet Mr. 58 will try it!


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