Friday, December 26, 2014

After Christmas Blahs?

The stockings are buried under a pile of gift wrap, the sugar high has dissipated, and the first Christmas toy has been broken by now.  We are feeling the after Christmas blahs by now.... You know that feeling ...It's all over... We are so spoiled.  Now what?  

Why do the traditions have to stop at 12:00pm on Dec 25th? 
Do you have an After Christmas Tradition to bust those blahs?

A trip to the movie theater?  An afternoon of board games or puzzles?  An evening drive to see Christmas lights?  The B58 Gang always plays a heated game of bingo (complete with great prizes!).

 Here is a new after Christmas tradition you can start this year.... Spend the day in Downtown McKinney!  Make a stop in the Antique Company Mall to find lots of After Christmas Deals.  A great solution to those blahs... retail therapy!

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