Thursday, December 4, 2014

Window Shopping with Santa

Changed out our window display this week.  Tried to make it look like Santa's desk in the midst of planning his departure for December 24th.    Coming up with new window displays is fun.... and this time, we had a funny "window shopping" experience.

A group of gals on a girlfriends' getaway stopped at our window on their way to dinner.   Some of them spotted several things in Booth 58 that they REALLY wanted.  Unfortunately,  ACM had already closed for the night.  Through the glass, they were able to point, gesture, and sign to show us the pieces they REALLY wanted and talked us into putting a "hold" sign on them until the morning. 
Sure enough, they were some of the first customers in the mall that morning, ready to snag their window shopping finds.
Downtown McKinney has lots of great spots for dinner... and for pre or post dinner strolling and window shopping too!

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