Saturday, December 13, 2014

Mimi's Make Merry Tip for the Day

Mimi's Make it Merry Tip of the Day:
When in doubt, put a bell on it... 
My grandmother, Mimi, loved Christmas.  She lived life to the fullest... and she fully embraced the idea of Making it Merry.  She filled her days by making other people merry!

  Through December, Mimi wore a large gold jingle bell on a red satin ribbon around her neck.  This was her tool that she used to bring on the Christmas cheer wherever she was.  She took the meaning of "I'll be there with bells on" to a whole new level! 
So today's Make it Merry Tip is in honor of my sweet Mimi... the one who taught us how to add Christmas cheer to our life year round. 
We have several bell options for you in Booth 58 still.  After selling out of our giant jingle bell ornaments, we recently restocked.
Add a bell to  your tree, your gift wrapping, a wreath, or how about hanging one around your neck?!?
When in doubt, put a bell on it!

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