Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Constants - Part IV

Constants.... Part IV - Last But Not Least... "What are constant sellers in Booth 58?"

"Tuck" is the little extra stuff that we add to vignettes in the booth - to make it different - to add charm - to make it stand out - to give something that extra "umph" it might need.   Sometimes we use old black and white family photos, postcards, sheet music, or book pages.Most of the time our "tuck" ends up being merchandise too.  

We constantly "tuck" in vintage hard bound books and vintage reproduction flashcards, postcards, gift tags, greeting cards, and bingo cards.  All of these extra little goodies tend to be big sellers. 

  Sometimes we laugh at our sales report when we see that we sold mostly $1.50 postcards or flashcards on a certain day.... We think the folks working the cash register must get tired of our silly little items.  Sorry, yall! 

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