Saturday, June 9, 2012

Just Read

I'm taking the kids to the library to work on summer reading list.  It's always fun to snuggle up with a book.... not the laptop or Nook or iPad... Just a good ol' book with a cover and pages.

Our family favorite right now is "Pete the Cat"
Don't you love old books?  A bookcase full of them is wonderful too.  And beautiful books with colorful spines?  I even love books turned around so that you can't see the spines! 

Mom and I stack them and sit them in Booth 58 backwards a lot... Makes folks stop and ask "Did they mean to do that?"  Yep.... we like to make you stop and look twice!  We know it bugs some people.... 'cause they really just want to see what books we have to sell. But those yellowed page edges are just too pretty!

Happy Summer Reading!

This is a "cubby" piece that Mr. 58 made... perfect for books, shoes, toys, dishes, or other collections.

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