Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday at the Mall

Last weekend, Mom and I had so much fun helping Antique Company Mall Owner, Diane, do some "fluffin'" in her booths.  We have decided that is our favorite part of this whole booth thing.  Diane needed to do some shuffling around due to selling some furniture and adding some new purchases.  She let us loose and let us do whatever we thought looked good.  After a few hours of fun this is what we put together....

 We called this this "sitting room" with these pretty pink velvet furniture... the "elegant room."
 This was the "lodge bedroom" - in the front window.... kind of rustic and "outdoorsy".

This is a beautiful coffee set in a whimsical sea shell and corral theme... Cute!
 Thanks for letting us go for it, Diane.  We loved it.  It was fun getting to pull together some "looks" that we wouldn't normally have in Booth 58.  We felt like we were little girls "playing store!" 

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