Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What's New?

Here are a few new things in Booth 58 this week:

We've added a load of treasures from the sea..... like these glass floats and some new nautical postcards.

 This find is one of my faves that Mom and Dad happened upon recently... perfect for a patio or corner in a garden.  We perched it up high in the front of the booth. 
Big Brother has claimed this vintage record holder as "his" if no one purchases it soon. He has already decided that it will be the perfect art drying rack for his room. It looks like we are training up little "repurposing thinkers!" Way to think out of the box, Sweetie!

We've added some partiotic "tuck"- like this shipping tag banner that Mom made. Simple, cute, and just enough...
So, that's what's new in Booth 58 today.

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