Saturday, June 23, 2012

Red Shoes

These little ones have reappeared in the Booth several times... two years ago I picked them up on a junkin' trip. Then I found another set of them last month at a flea market... and again found them this weekend.
The fun thing is that everytime I put them in the mall, they sell within days. I affectionately call them "Red Shoes Little Boy" and "Red Shoes Little Girl". They take me back to childhood... because of the cute red "Keds" that they sport... Mom always had us in Keds... and red has always been her favorite.  I still have it engrained in my mind that every girl needs one pair of cute red shoes in her wardrobe. 

Anyone know the story on these prints?  They seem to be popular... I'd love to know their story

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Jen Bettis said...

We have that print of the little boy! Hal had it in his room growing up and then we put in our boys' rooms for a while too. I can't bring myself to get rid of it, so it's safely tucked away. I didn't know there was a girl print, though! I will be on the look out so I can make a pair.

Miss you guys!

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